Finding the Right Elder Scrolls Online Gaming Guide for You

Because of complexity and detailed world with countless interrelated elements in the Elder Scrolls Online, it might be difficult to play without sufficient knowledge. In order to explore the world of Tamriel fearlessly, having access to a gaming guide that provides relevant, detailed and tested strategy tips is invaluable. Playing the ESO with and without a good gaming guide might lead to the difference result between a challenging game that’s fun right up from the beginner to the final victory and a challenging game that’s filled with frustration to the bitter end. 

Question is which Elder Scrolls Online guide is the right one and good for investment when there are a variety of choices out there. Below is a list of three different ESO guides that are considered as the best three ESO guides at the moment. They are ranked accordingly.

1. Killer Guides

Maker of various MMORPG guides including World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV have also put a strategy guide for the Elder Scrolls Online in their big library. This guide is perfect for newbs right up to advanced players with its step-by-step strategies for the most successful pathway to an epic victory. Wondering what the most lucrative crafting profession is? Need a strategy to reach level cap as fast as possible? This guide aims to resolve your most pressing issues with up-to-date information that will put you ahead of anybody else.


An instant download in PDF form, this guide costs $29.99, making it extremely competitive with other digital and mass-market guides for a range of franchises. There are 80 fact-filled pages on maximizing gold farming, gearing, mob grinding, questing, and secrets for a successful endgame. There’s even detailed information on how to build all four classes efficiently. If you’re looking for the effective PVP tactics, this guide has those too. This is a reasonably-priced guide that backs its claims with solid information and offers continual free updates as the game adds patches.

2. The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

If you want from-the-hip advice from a gamer that’s been with the franchise since its very inception, this elder scrolls online guide is for you. The tips and tricks are all gleaned from personal experience in countless hours of strategic gameplay. This gamer has been researching the game since his first chance in the beta. Rather than complaining for bugs and glitches like the rest, he put his time to good effect by testing strategies for a successful campaign. This guide is the result of that experimentation.


After months of trial and error, the proven method for starting from newb status and working successfully to the final level cap is a strategic secret that can be yours. The guide is continually updated to be current with the latest patch and everything in the guide is legitimate advice that won’t get you banned. There’s also a 60-day money-back guarantee that promises risk-free satisfaction. It could be ordered through credit card or Paypal and is available immediately for download once the payment is made. Plus, the author does promise a discount on future material if you’ve purchased the original guide from him.

At $37.00, the price might be this guide’s downside. It claims to offer many of the same advantages as other guides, but at a price increase of more than 30 percent comparing to the guide from Killer Guides, buyers will have to decide if the information it contains justifies the cost.

3. Elder Scrolls Online Mastery Guides

If you want more than a guide, ESO Mastery Guides supports a members-only forum where players can share tips, swap battle stories or just commiserate about defeat. While their claim to level up players within four days might seem a bit optimistic, there’s a wealth of information offered in their strategy guide. Running low on Mundus Stones? This guide will give you the obscure information you need to complete challenges and quests, as well as offering straightforward advice on crafting and character builds.


The guide is available for instant download in PDF format and will update to match the game implementing new patches. Beginners will especially benefit from this guide as it offers a free, tip-filled beginner’s manual that lays down strategies right out of the gate. The guide is written by a group of gamers who each specialize in their own particular niche and offer advice based on extensive gameplay, making this practical advice tested through a variety of gaming styles. Players will be paying quite a bit for this information, however. There are six guides covering gaming strategy such as crafting, alliance leveling and character builds, all of which cost $37 each or more than $200 in total. Other guides provide gamers with the same level of information for far less money.


While each guide has its strengths and weaknesses, a guide combining detailed and relevant information with reasonable price falls for the one from Killer Guides. At the end of the day, it really comes down to each player’s own gaming choice. Victorious end result is really what any gamer is after and these guides all aim to provide that in their own way.