We wonder the lengths on can go for the love of camera!

Adam Richman, a famous celebrity who is better known for his presence in cooking competition shows than his acting in movies.

Adam Richman

No doubt, his hosting and participation in shows like these have cost him great in the past.

Well, its pretty natural to gain weight when your job involves food. After all, you can’t avoid eating when you are made to judge and host food competitions!

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And so was the case with Adam Richman, who was least concerned with his growing weight.

However, Adam Richman weight loss overjoyed his fans that were more than curious to learn what helped him be this lighter?


Age: 43 years.
Height: 1.83m (6 feet)
Weight loss: 70lbs.
Current weight: 180lbs.


Being overweight does not just impinge on your mobility, but also affect your mental health to a greater level.

In the case of the famous host Man v. Food Nation, his mental well-being was deteriorating. He was going more and more towards a depressive state and his fat image was lowering his confidence.

Hosting the show for four consecutive years had a great toll on his weight, and it was by the end of the show in 2012, he resolute to change.

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Interestingly, his enthusiasm to shape up greatly intensified when he was informed to be at a risk of diabetic heart attack.

To say the least, his labors to a slimmer him started from that very point.

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Despite eating nutritious and being physically active off the camera, the 43 years old was up with a ton of weight to shake off.

For that, he sought professional support and hence, approached a nutritionist to devise a plan that can help him move to a healthy track.


As per the rules of Adam Richman diet, the chubby guy was not allowed to have foods with starches and white flour!

Adam richman diet planAs most of us are aware of, foods like these are a pure source of calories with no nutritional value whatsoever, and so, a consumption of these can result in the accumulation of fat right away.

Apart from this, he was confined to portion control with protein-packed meals based on some 200 calories each.

But despite the limitation on calories, he was assisted to maintain a short break between the meals.

His diet further consisted of low calorie shakes and tea that was meant to supply an abundance of fiber to his body.

Interestingly, making the necessary dietary changes was not only his weapon to lower the fat percentage, he also started drinking more and more water as an attempt to pace his BMR.

All in all, the changes he made in his lifestyle favored him to such an extent that the American actor was able cut 70lbs in less than a year.


It is clearly evident that Adam had paid an equal attention on the other element of the weight loss equation.

Adam Richman workout for weight loss

That is, he made sure to increase his physical activities, through trainings.

The host has been long associated with the love of soccer. Hence, the very first effort he made in the name of training was resuming his soccer playing habits.

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As far as the Adam Richman workout is concerned, he hired a professional trainer for the purpose. His training was a mix of:

  • Skipping
  • Kick boxing.
  • Weight training.
  • Yoga
  • Crossfit.
  • Plyometrics

Hottie at forty, who ever wondered that once a glutton, Adam will turn this disciplined for the sake of health one day.

Adam Richman before and afterWhen asked if he would ever return to his old eating and lifestyle habits, Adam responded in a denial.

According to him, he will never change for anything worse, and is happy in his skin now.

At present, the host looks dead gorgeous and is simply enjoying the best of his health. No doubt, he has earned this day and is on the weight management track till date.

While he still visits food competitions, Adam now keeps a strict eye on his lifestyle.

He eats moderate and regularly heads to the gym for the burning of calories consumed.

If you find Adam Richman before and after photos inspiring, you can follow his routes to a healthy weight.

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However, do not forget to discuss your goals and plans with your doctor as something that worked for others, is not guaranteed to work for you.

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However, habits like drinking ample amount of water and eating healthy, are sure to benefit you in many ways.

Read out the latest on goings and activities of Adam Richman through his Twitter account and do not forget to live healthy- after all, it’s all that matters!